Gimmenotes law

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Gimmenotes law

LCP Advanced Indigenous Law Study Notes provides an in-depth study of indigenous African law which was the first legal system which applied throughout the country before it was supplanted by Roman-Dutch law as the law of the land. Advanced indigenous law will give you a greater concept of indigenous law in a South African context. This will enable you to place it in the correct context within the legal framework. Origin of a Calderbank Your email address will not be published.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. LCP Advanced indigenous law study notes. Reform of Customary Law of Succession and Regulation Calderbank offers in South African Law. Is a Calderbank offer applicable in the South African legal framework? LPL Law of damages study notes. MRL Insolvency law study notes.

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PVL Law of persons study notes. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.After a career switch she joined the accounting profession and holds a master's in Tax. M, Admitted Attorney, Notary Public and Conveyancer qualified as an attorney, notary and conveyancer and then practised as a senior partner in a Durban firm of attorneys for twenty years. For the last fifteen years he has taught legal accounting to LL. B students at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, where he is an associate professor.

He has coauthored books on drafting a will, labour law and legal accounting and is a commissioner with the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration CCMA and a member of the Tax Appeal Board.

Advanced indigenous law study notes

Accounting for Law Students and Practitioners. Sheeda KalideenLester Sullivan.

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Few professions are free of the need to understand accounting, least of all the legal profession. Legal accounting is a category all on its own, because attorneys are expected to keep trust accounts for most of their clients, deal with conveyancing and understand the issues around shared accounts -- whether at a corporate or domestic level. This book deals with the fundamentals of accounting, such as debits and credits and how income statements and balance sheets are created.

The book also takes you through the transfer journal, bank reconciliations, VAT, correspondent accounts, accounting in conveyancing matters, legislation applying to attorneys' accounting and partners' capital accounts. Easy-to-understand examples clearly explain the principles involved.

gimmenotes law

Recording accounting transactions. The transfer journal. Accounting controls. Protecting the trust account. Conveyancing transactions. Types of legal practice. Double entry bookkeeping. Valueadded tax.Find more study material on our EDA overview page. Avoid resits and achieve higher grades with the best study notes written by your fellow students.

With summaries written by fellow students, you are guaranteed to be properly prepared for your exams. Overspecific summaries are at your disposal. Your fellow students know exactly where the pitfalls lie and what the key elements will be to your success in that module. With their assistance, you can become well prepared and can avoid having to retake exams.

Thanks to the summaries written by fellow students specifically for your course and its modules, you will never miss a trick when it comes to your exams. No generic book summaries, but the specific content you need to ace your exams. Have you written lots of lecture summaries or notes? Earn hundreds of pounds each month by selling your written material to your fellow students. Last year students earned over R8. Quickly navigate to. This preview shows page 1 - 2 out of 18 pages. Purchase the document to get full access instantly.

Add to cart. Seller Follow. The best study notes Avoid resits and achieve higher grades with the best study notes written by your fellow students. Avoid resits With summaries written by fellow students, you are guaranteed to be properly prepared for your exams. Get better grades Thanks to the summaries written by fellow students specifically for your course and its modules, you will never miss a trick when it comes to your exams.

Earn while you study Have you written lots of lecture summaries or notes? Buy now.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Lucia Mramba. You will be well on your way to success if you start studying early in the semester. Take time to do the assignments properly and read the study material before you submit the assignments.

These include two formative assignments and one summative assignment. All assignments must be submitted! The latter is a research portfolio and therefore it means that the actual portfolio is a formal and final examination for this module. Thus, there will be no venue-based sit-down exam for this subject, only a research portfolio.

gimmenotes law

Because all information relating to this module is available and uploaded online, you need to use myUnisa to study and complete the learning activities for this module.

You need to visit the myUnisa website for IRM frequently. You need to access your study materials and establish what it is you have to do for the module. Click on the More tab if you cannot find it in the orange blocks. Click on the module you want to open.

Ostensible Agency

Note: Some of your tutorial matter may not be available when you register. Tutorial matter that is not available when you register will be posted to you as soon as possible, but is always available on myUnisa. Study guide: The study guide contains the study material you will need for this module. Make sure that you study it carefully and do all the activities it contains.

MRL2601 – Entrepreneurial Law

Please note that there is no prescribed textbook for this module. Your study guide therefore contains all the information that you need for this module. Tutorial Letter This tutorial letter contains important information about administrative arrangements as well as the first two assignments for this module.

We urge you to read it carefully and to keep it at hand when working through the study material, completing the assignments, preparing for the examination and addressing questions to your lecturers. Tutorial Letter Please read Tutorial Letter in combination with Tutorial Letter as it contains important general information, including the required style of referencing and citation and other relevant information that is pertinent for studying at Unisa and, specifically, within the College of Law.

gimmenotes law

Additional tutorial letters that you may expect later in the semester will include, for example, feedback on the assignments. We would like to point out that you must read all the tutorial letters you receive during the semester immediately and carefully, as they always contain important and, sometimes, urgent information. Also, take note that the tutorial letters you receive form part of your study material and should be taken into account when you prepare for the examination.

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An announcement will be sent out on how to access myUnisa. Notional hours: Students are required to devote hours to this module. This includes study periods, reading of the material and additional material, engaging in discussion forums, communication with respective lecturers, consultation with lecturers where necessary, telephone discussions with lecturers and time spent on myUnisa. We hope that you will enjoy this module and wish you all the best! It also aims to empower you with knowledge and research skills that are applicable to both the study of law and criminal justice.

Additionally, you will be taught how to infuse your research findings with principles of transformative constitutionalism and social justice.

Accordingly, this module provides you with the skills necessary to apply the relevant law in given scenarios, following the correct or suitable method of referencing in law and criminal justice.

LLB Semester 1- Jurisprudence Online Courses in India - Study Khazana

You should be able to conduct basic research in global and comparative contexts. Phone calls made to us when we are not available will be forwarded to an answering machine. You can therefore leave voicemail messages at any time of the day or night. We shall reply to you as soon as possible. Remember to supply a telephone number where you can be reached.In view of the changing legal education needs in the country, curriculum reform of the current LLB curricula is inevitable. The following modules will be phased-out in the second semester ofand replaced by integrated modules:.

The following modules are being discontinued in entirety effective This means that there will be no registration permitted for these modules in The following transition arrangements are put in place with the best interest of students as the paramount deciding factor:. Unisa received a notice of withdrawal and in terms of a notice of a withdrawal of accreditation, Unisa is required to implement the recommendations made by the CHE.

Unisa will submit an improvement plan by 6 October to indicate how the issues raised in the HEQC report will be addressed, including time frames. Your qualification remains accredited.

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Students currently enrolled for our LLB programme are not affected at all. They will graduate with an accredited LLB qualification. There are many advantages and benefits, for example, it has resulted in the streamlining of the modules. In order to ensure integrated learning of the tutorial matter, the module such as Civil Procedure is not separated into procedure in the lower courts and procedure in the higher courts as was traditionally taught, wrongly assuming that the two courts procedures are fundamentally different from one another.

Rather this module adopted a unified approach to the subject. The amendments will not affect the number of modules. The LLB programme still has 40 modules. You will never be required to do the new integrated module if you have passed the two modules that were offered as stand-alone in the old curriculum. Those who have passed both the integrated modules do not have to do the new module. You are highly advised to register for CIP in the second semester of You will be required to do the new integrated module in should you be unable to pass any of the stand-alone modules to ensure that you complete your LLB with the required number of credits.

Your LLB degree will remain a credit degree with 40 modules. It remains a four-year degree despite the changes. A few new modules will be introduced to the curriculum.

Rather keep your CIP registration for the second semester ofpass it, and you will be exempted from doing CIV in You will only be able to register for the new modules in Apparent authority also called "ostensible authority " exists where the principal's words or conduct would lead a reasonable person in the third party's position to believe that the agent was authorized to act, even if the principal and the purported agent had never discussed such a relationship.

For example, where one person appoints a person to a position which carries with it agency-like powers, those who know of the appointment are entitled to assume that there is apparent authority to do the things ordinarily entrusted to one occupying such a position.

If a principal creates the impression that an agent is authorized but there is no actual authority, third parties are protected so long as they have acted reasonably.

This is sometimes termed "agency by estoppel " or the "doctrine of holding out", where the principal will be estopped from denying the grant of authority if third parties have changed their positions to their detriment in reliance on the representations made. Other articles related to " authority, apparent authority ":.

But the political ideal is not full authority for laws but rather full authority for a man who understands the art of kingship and has kingly ability. Home Contact Privacy. Apparent Authority Apparent authority also called "ostensible authority " exists where the principal's words or conduct would lead a reasonable person in the third party's position to believe that the agent was authorized to act, even if the principal and the purported agent had never discussed such a relationship.

Principal commercial Law - Summary of Law - Authority Actual authority This arises where the Principal's words or conduct reasonably cause the Agent to believe they have been authorised to act If it is clear that the Principal gave actual authority to Agent, all the Agent's actions falling within the scope of the authority given bind the Principal Apparent Authority - Ratification Note that the third party is not bound to the agreement created by an agent with ostensible authority until the principal has ratified it It is sometimes referred to as "usual authority " though not in the sense used by Lord Denning MR in Hely-Hutchinson, where it is synonymous with "implied actual Terms related to law of agency :.

Source s : Wikipedia Authority Creative Commons.For example, ostensible agency would apply to a hospital worker who is employed by an outside contractor. This can create confusion in a malpractice action when a patient sues the hospital for the actions of such a worker. To explore this concept, consider the following ostensible agency definition. Even if an employer hires an independent contractor, the employer can be responsible for the actions of that contractor.

When a person is hired as an independent contractor, an agency relationship develops. For example, ostensible agency may exist when a homeowner hires a carpet installer to install carpet in his home.

While the homeowner hires Company A, Company A may then hire an outside contractor to actually do the work. This contractor may then show up to install the carpet without specifically informing the homeowner that he is not an employee of Company A.

This is known as apparent authority. Should something go wrong with the installation, causing the homeowner to eventually file a civil lawsuitit is likely he would sue Company A.

Amy and Aaron are remodeling their home, and the visit a discount flooring outlet to purchase hardwood flooring. The company offers free installation if the purchase a certain amount of flooring, so they decide to have the wood installed in three rooms. On the day of installation, two workers show up in an unmarked work truck, and get to work. When Amy and Aaron get a good look at their floors that evening, they realize there are gaps between planks and mis-cuts, and the installers have left a mess of sawdust, floor glue, and packaging in their laundry room.

When Amy contacts the flooring outlet demanding to have the problems corrected, they refer her to an independent contractor they hired to do the installation. Unfortunately, the contractor refuses to return her calls, so the couple files a civil lawsuit against the flooring outlet. In this example, ostensible agency makes it likely that the outlet will be held responsible for correcting the problems. It may, alternatively, be ordered to reimburse Amy and Aaron for the cost to have someone else re-do the installation, as well as for any additional flooring that may need to be purchased.

Ostensible agency in the medical field is a type of vicarious liability. In this case, a healthcare organization — such as a hospital — can be held liable for the negligence of any healthcare provider under its control.

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In order for this type of ostensible agency to apply, something must have occurred to lead the patient to reasonably believe that the healthcare provider was actually employed by the organization. An example of ostensible agency being challenged in a court of law involved a personal injury case from Here, John Lynn Stephens was seriously injured when his motorcycle went out of control.

Stephens based his complaint on theories of negligence, product liability, and warranty. Conoco, Inc. He believed that he could rely on the services he would receive, considering how well known the Conoco brand was. Further, Conoco claimed that the only item it furnished to the owner of the service station was a Conoco sign. It did not distribute or sell Dunlop tires — like the one that Stephens had purchased — to the service station, defective or otherwise.

Said the Court:. Apparent authority results from a manifestation by the principal to a third person that another is his agent. The manifestation may be made directly to a third person or to the community by signs or by advertising. In the fast food industry, it is common for ginormous companies to sell franchises.

In this case, the parent company furnishes the brand name — complete with universally-recognized logo and advertising slogans — the menu, and required operational standards.

gimmenotes law


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