Nioh weapon attributes

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Nioh weapon attributes

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Nioh 2 - Best Stats to focus on and Recommended Builds

Nioh: Complete Edition Store Page. Global Achievements. Pretty straight forward question. Also, what are the best accessory stats? Showing 1 - 2 of 2 comments. Depends on what you want, really. Query, have you cleared the base game once? Last edited by Yian Yan ; 11 Nov, am. For weapon the absolute best is change to attack whatever your highest stat is. IIRC the scaling on those bonuses is about a full letter grade weaker than the base scaling. The close combat damage is amazing.

Nioh Stats Guide – Leveling Tips, Best Stats, Which Stats to Upgrade, Character Skills

Basically just more damage. You also almost certainly want an element if you can get one. I just finished setting up my first divine weapon and so far it looks like this. My armor isn't very optimal. Still need a few more divine swallow tail pieces but I do have luck on the head and a bunch of farming stuff on it.

I think you can play around with armor a lot more since there aren't as many must haves. Attack on gloves is really nice. Last edited by awanderingswordsman ; 11 Nov, am.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Weapons in Nioh and information about their stats is shown below. Weapons are color coded by their rarity: Common, UncommonRareExotic.

The rarer the item, the more beneficial status effects it will possess. Equipping a weapon effectively requires a minimum value in specific Stats. You can level up stats to meet a minimum requirement by spending Amrita at Shrines. Equipping a weapon you do not meet the minimum requirements for results in a halved attack multiplier as well as an inability to make use of the passive Status Effects. I'm looking for explanations of the color based skill descriptions.

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I have items which have even a yellow colored text. Maybe this shows the rarity of the stat? So white, blue, purple, yellow in ascending order? Where can I find a list of all the new weapons from bloodsheds end? I saw two Odachi's I haven't found yet. The only new one I have is the Bone looking one. Hi, i am wondering about the weapons from the dlc, if i buy the season pass, do i get access to the Tonkas and Odachi in the beginning of the game?

Can i select my prefered weapon as the Tonkas so that i can start with them at the beginning of the game. Thanks in advance. What is the better option to do with a weapon? Disassemble, offer to get amrita, sell, or keep it in stock? Can every Katana has the same bonus effects? I mean I tried to get 'change on attack heart A-' but i could not. So, in the meantime i'm using Namiyogi Kanemitsu because it has this effect. Wait, I don't get it. There is no minimal requirements in strength or dexterity to use a weapon, right?

So what is the point to level up this stats? Why not just use my points to level up Body Heart and Magic? So, Kusanagi Tsurugi is the best sword in the game, barring elemental weaknesses, or is this list incomplete?

Hey great article I'm wondering what it means when your ranged weapon icons have a reddish background as opposed to normal gear colored icon. I'm think it might mine some inability to use the weapon fully? But they are no requirements for ranged weapons. So I'm still scratching my head on this one? Any idea? I notice sometimes it's red and sometimes it isn't.

Hey all so I'm playing NIoh and Love it but I'm having a bit of confusion when it comes to understanding weapons. Also, in the beginning you pick two preferable weapons, if it better to stick to those weapons or does it matter?

Thanks for the help!Nioh is as tough as they say in the reviews. What with eight stats to choose from and three skill trees to explore but only a limited number of points to invest in each, it can be all too easy to set off down one path and discover you actually prefer another. The good news is, your errors are not permanent. Reaching the end of the second mission will unlock Tome the Blacksmith, your major upgrade provider.

nioh weapon attributes

Once you have access to the blacksmith, head there. This is the location that all the roads ultimately lead to, and which is marked with a large building on the map screen. From here you can enter the smithy. Find more help with this tough game in our Nioh guide. When used, the book will wipe William clean: all your levels will disappear, as will all your spent skill points. The same is true for your Samurai, Onmyo and Ninjutsu Magic skill points — all is refunded to you to spend again.

As well as purchasing respecs from the Blacksmith, you can find Books of Reincarnation at the Hidden Teahouse, which unlocks later in the game. Every time you purchase a Book of Reincarnation, the price goes up. The first respec will set you back 10, which is certainly doable, but the second is 30, — and it gets worse from there.

nioh weapon attributes

Repeated mistakes become very expensive. Nioh is unforgiving, but it will overlook at least one kind of mistake. Enable JavaScript to sign up to our newsletter.You can level up yor character at the shrine by spending Amrita points, which can be obtained by defeating enemies. Focusing on stats that scale with your favorite weapon, is a much faster way to become stronger than to level up each stat evenly.

Book of Reincarnation is an item which allows players to reallocate their stats. Using it will reset the players level and skill, and can be bought at the blacksmith. Skill Points, which are used for learning Samurai Skills and Magic Skills can be earned by increasing Proficiency with a weapon or magic. Reallocation of Skill Points has not been confirmed at present, so choose your skills wisely.

Armors have special attributes which takes a major role in the early game, but requires you to reach a certain stat for it to activate. Therefore, your first priority when leveling up stats is to reach the stat required for your armor. Body and Heart are stats that correlate directly to the players survivability since it increases HP and Ki. After leveling up the minimum stats required for your armor as well as leveling Body and Heart to 10, focus on leveling up stats that scale with your favorite weapon type for max efficiency.

The most efficient way to increase your damage is to focus on one stat that scales the most with your weapon. If you are a Ninjyutu user and want to level up efficiently, Kusarigama is the ideal weapon type. For Onmyo Magic users, Switchglaive is the preferred weapon.

The stats required for armors varies depending on the armors category, so if you find a new armor that suits you be sure to check its requirements.

Similar to early game, reaching the stat requirement for the armor you wear is crucial. After you become able to deal decent damage, start leveling up Courage and Stamina. Courage increases Ki recovery speed, and leveling up stamina lets you wear heavier armor. After you level up the stats that scale with your weapon type to 99, focus on leveling up Body and Heart.

Late game enemies can deal tremendous amount of damage per hit or burst you down with a combowhich can instantly kill your character. How come after you respec you have 6 in 2 stats? I thought you were forced to pick 3 attributes in the beginning of the game. A guide for players wondering which stats to prioritize and level up, which stats scales with each weapon types, and recommended build for early, mid, and late game.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Name Comment. Recommended Starting Weapon and Spirit. Best Stat to Focus and Recommended Build. Weapon Type Tier list. Dual Swords.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos.

Nioh guide: how to respec your character and reset your skill points

The most important stats to consider for overall weapon damage are: SkillStrength and Body. The differences between the various letters are relatively small see mechanics. The most important thing to consider is if a Weapon scales with a Stat or not. These are the same stats as those of the Kusarigamabut with a different balance. This is the same layout as that of the Hammerbut with Body replaced by Heart.

Scaling is not affected by the attack rating of a weapon or its damage multiplier, but it is affected by Weapon Level. Past Weapon Levelthe effect of Weapon Level on scaling is almost completely insignificant.

These types alter the balance of the two lowest scaling statsbut never affect the highest scaling stat. The values indicated by "Attack increases with Stat " are a bit lower than the inherent scaling stats of a weapon.

Attack increases with Stat effects are linear and constant over time.

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The same attribute was measured to increase Defence by 1. The same attribute was measured to increase Defence by 0. Table Sorted By Weapon. I have still a question: Does only the best value improve the damage from the inherent scaling? Even after reading your really good written explanations, i'm still not sure. Or does all the inherent scaling of all three stats working at the same time?

Oh my GOD, whoever put this together had nerves of steel and inhuman patience, thank you for compiling these stats! Sign In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Results. Breakdown The most important stats to consider for overall weapon damage are: SkillStrength and Body.In Nioh, there are different weapons. And when there are different weapons, there are also different ways to use them. Also, each of these weapons has a corresponding status and different skills which may either be detrimental or advantageous to your playing style.

Because of this, try exploring among the weapons and check which one suits your fighting style the best. Just like any other game, there are two classes of weapons. Melee weapons focus on close range combat and physical damage. Because of this, it allows you a higher level of control in exchange for taking a bit more damage.

With shortened range, melee weapons are more useful when one prefers skirmishing over sneak tactics. Main Article: List of Katanas. It reflects the heart and soul of its wielder and channels its energy into its attacks. Because of its length, it has considerable distance and used more for slashing down opponents. This weapon is recommended for beginners as it is one of the easiest weapons to use throughout Nioh. Main Article: List of Dual Swords. The spear is a general term for those weapons that have blades mounted on long wooden rods.

Nioh Beginners Guide - 6 Helpful Tips

The long wooden rod provides the range the player needs to keep enemies that favour melee attacks from landing blows on them. Its main defense would be keeping the enemy away and forcing them to kite around the weapon. Its priority lies in its thrusting attacks more than slashing. Main Article: List of Axes and Hammers. The Axe has slower attack speed but has increased destructive power.

Its power can break through defenses easy and stun enemies when required. However, the problem is that there are also slight openings which the enemy can exploit while using an axe.

Similar to the spear, this weapon works well in surrounded situations but prioritizes slashing attacks over thrust attacks. Players who are somewhat familiar with Nioh would probably prefer this. Main Article: List of Kusari-Gama. The Kusarigamaalso famously known as the Chain Sickle, is a ninja tool famed for its versatility. This allows you to keep some distance away from your opponent while still maintaining your attack speed.

While this weapon is not ideal for beginners, this weapon requires specific strategies and also variability when in combat. Because of its tricky nature, this weapon is more favored for skirmishes rather than taking down multiple opponents.

Ranged weapons attack from a safe distance.

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However, there is a considerable loss in defense and it will be hard if the enemy closes in. The bow is a traditional samurai weapon that relies on long range. A bow is a favoured weapon due to its longer range and its ability to be precise. This is made to pick off your enemies one by one from a distance in order to disperse the crowd.

Unlike other games, the gun weapons have a limited amount of bullets.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Melee Weapons have 8 exclusive pools and 1 non-exclusive pool. These values below are preliminary values, please edit the tables with any new higher values you encounter.

I would be very grateful if some kind soul could help me out and drop one form me What kind of pool does 'Pierce Guard close combat ' belong to? Please, update the board!!

nioh weapon attributes

Skill damage This table is not only inaccurate, it also seems to use it's own language instead of what you find in-game, which isn't helpful. This list isn't accurate at all. I have several weapons that have 2 abilities from the same pool. I have final blow increase on a weapon. It doesn't say that here, these tests are unreliable.

Gives it a very cool slashing effect. Not sure how practical it is though. Sign In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Results. Re-Forge Ranged Weapons.

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Re-Forge Armor. Special Effect Final Blow Damage Pool 2 Low Attack Damage Ninjutsu Hits Life Drain?? Break Pool Low Attack Break Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting?


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